Job Proposal - Research and Funding Director

Proposal to approve the job description for Research and Funding Director

Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Research and Funding Director is responsible for planning, overseeing, and carrying out Open Privacy’s research operations and grant funding.

Salary: $2024/month (160 hours @ $12.65/hr)



  • Develop a research vision in collaboration with the Board of Directors that fulfills Open Privacy’s mission statement
  • Design and carry out research projects that support the vision with an emphasis on work by, with, and for marginalized communities that examine or enhance their privacy
  • Ensure all research conducted by the organization – including other employees – is carried out in an ethical and compassionate manner, using well-accepted best practices and methodologies
  • Coordinate with the Director of Engineering when appropriate to design the infrastructure needed for ongoing research projects
  • Keep current with the state of the art in privacy enhancing technology research, particularly where it intersects with the needs of marginalized communities
  • Work with the Executive Director to recruit, train, and retain research and support staff


  • Identify and apply for grants and other funding opportunities for Open Privacy’s research and development operations (in collaboration with designated project leads when appropriate)
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure appropriate dispensation of research funds


  • Maintain strong positive relationships with community members and organizations that Open Privacy works with or designs technologies to support
  • Give back to marginalized communities by offering services and trainings related to security and privacy
  • Maintain relationships with other researchers in academia and civil society to collaborate on research initiatives that fulfill the research vision

Conflicts of Interest

The following board members are prohibited from voting on this proposal and, as such, must abstain:

  • Erinn Atwater - Direct Conflict
  • Sarah Lewis - Indirect Conflict