Job Proposal - Director of Engineering

Proposal to approve the job description for Director of Engineering.

Note: Approval will repeal part of the Cwtch Proposal - Namely $6000 of people salaries will be placed back into general funds.

Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Director of Engineering will be responsible for the development of Open Privacy projects, and building out and maintaining secure infrastructure systems to support rapid and high quality research and development.

Salary: $2024/month (160 hours @ $12.65/hr)


Summary: the primary role of the Director of Engineering is to develop new open-source privacy enhancing technologies and tools suited for use by marginalized communities.


  • The primary responsibility of the Director of Engineering is to produce working end products that realize the research conducted by Open Privacy in a usable manner for our target communities. This includes, but is not limited to, websites, desktop and mobile applications and devices
  • Working with the Executive Director and the Research Director, the Director of Engineering will set priorities and timelines for development activities, including programming, design, UX research, localization/internationalization, documentation and training
Build and Manage a High-Performing Team
  • Cultivate, manage, and enable volunteers to execute on plans
  • Ensure appropriate processes and systems are in place to facilitate easy and quick collaboration between team members, volunteers, and relevant external parties
  • Document process, and tailor systems to allow rapid and easy onboarding of volunteers, enabling them to make better use of their limited time

Infrastructure Operations and Service Delivery

  • Set the vision and strategy for infrastructure, operations, standards, product research, and development
  • Investigate and maintain awareness of best practices and industry trends, assess their potential impact on operational outcomes, and develop and execute plans to adapt
  • Maintain availability, security and integrity of data and resources to enable and support high quality research and development
  • Audit and keep on top of infrastructure expenditures, balancing requirements vs. cost to keep Open Privacy efficient and low cost while providing solutions that do not impede other work

Conflicts of Interest

The following board members are prohibited from voting on this proposal and, as such, must abstain:

  • Dan Ballard - Direct Conflict